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We are excited to launch Cardanodo and we welcome you to our Blog! We are excited to have the chance to contribute and support the Cardano Community and Network as the stake pool operators of Cardanodo (NODO).

However… the journey was not easy. This took a lot of time to research, execute and launch the Cardano Stake Pool. There is a lot of fragmented information out there and the tough part is putting it all together into a final product.

If you are considering creating a stakepool, we would recommend having at least a bit of prior IT experience, or else the learning curve my be quite steep (albeit not impossible). For example, you will have to deploy Ubuntu Server nodes using command line, set up security protocols and troubleshoot networking issues. It’s best to go slowly and make sure you cover all the bases.

If there is interest, we will create a post for tips on how to create a stake pool for those interested in building one.

If you would like to help support Cardanodo, please consider delegating to our Stake pool Cardanodo (NODO).


Pool ID: 20c00ebe39ed12dbd2f3e84a5b57b85c972d1039cf79c70d893b6227

Thanks for reading! Hope you take care and stay safe during COVID-19.