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Cardanodo NODO pool just hit our first milestone, FIRST BLOCK MINTED on the first epoch live. Thank you to the support of our delegators. We have also just received our first reward. 

First Mainnet Block

Stake Pool Perfomance: 100% (1 Block produced/1 Block assigned)

We are off to an extremely awesome and lucky start!

Check out our luck, which is at 476%! Luck is calculated by dividing the actual amount of block(s) produced in an epoch by the expected amount of blocks. Our chances of minting a block was 0.21 for this epoch, calculated with the protocol algorithm based on the active stake.

Remember, the rewards are distributed to delegators based on the proportion of ADA held. So, there many benefits for smaller pools, such as less dilution of rewards amongst delegators.

I truly believe that we are in the sweet spot right now. Our pool size has enough stake to produce consistent blocks, about 1 in 2 epochs with high returns, while also not large enough that the rewards would be diluted heavily. Over the long run, we should average as good, maybe even better reuslts than the large pools.

So, if you would like to join the Cardanodo family, please consider delegating to our Stake pool Cardanodo (NODO).


Pool ID: 20c00ebe39ed12dbd2f3e84a5b57b85c972d1039cf79c70d893b6227

Thanks for reading! Once again, take care and stay safe!