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About Us

About Cardanodo

Cardanodo = Cardano + Nodo. Nodo, or nodus in Latin, means “knot”.

The knot symbolizes many things, including:

  • Strength, endurance, resilience
  • Love, connection, form of infinity
  • Good luck and good things to come

We believe that these characteristics align with our mission, as well as the Cardano Blockchain and Community.

Cardanodo stake pool is run by 2 crypto enthusiasists, Jay and Sam who share an equal passion for Cardano and blockchain technology.

As a single pool operator (SPO), we hope you will join us in helping to support the Cardano blockchain, through delegating to small spools.


Delegation information:

Name – Cardanodo

Ticker – NODO

Pool ID: 20c00ebe39ed12dbd2f3e84a5b57b85c972d1039cf79c70d893b6227

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