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About Us

About Cardanodo

Cardanodo = Cardano + Nodo. Nodo, or nodus in Latin, means “knot”.

The knot symbolizes many things, including:

  • Strength, endurance, resilience
  • Love, connection, form of infinity
  • Good luck and good things to come

We believe that these characteristics align well with our mission, as well as the Cardano Blockchain/Community.

Cardanodo was born after Story and Sam joined forces.

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Who Are We?

Story started researching and investing in cryptocurrency in 2017. Soon after, Story stumbled across Charles Hoskinson’s whiteboard talk, where Charles introduced Cardano as a third generation cryptocurrency, with focuses on scalability, interoperability and sustainability. Seeing the limitations of Bitcoin and Ethereum, Story knew that Cardano would be the future. Story also came across the Ted Talk by Charles Hoskinson mentioning about how blockchain could create a fair financial system, providing secure and accessible financial tools for the unbanked. Since then, Charles’ ideas and philososphies have resonated with Story and he has closely followed Charles’ work, Cardano and participated in the incentivized testnet as a Daedalus Wallet user.

Story has also always thought about how he could play a bigger role in the Cardano Community. Using his past experience in IT, Story now helps to operate Cardanodo Stake Pool to secure the network and help with decentralization.


Co-Founder, Cardanodo

Sam’s philosophy of life is to bring as many positive impacts to the life of others while generating as few negative externalities to the environment and society as possible.

After Sam worked for years in the public and private sectors, she accepted the inevitable hypocrisy and disappointing realities in the modern world. Sam began to lose sight of what she wanted to do, which was making a better future for the mass, not for a few.

It was Charles Hoskinson’s 2014 Ted Talk about blockchain and smart contracts that got her all excited about the future again. With years of experience dealing with data, she immediately saw that the idealistic future described in the talk would very soon become a reality.  In particular, she gravitated to the accessibility and irreversibility of blockchain and the decentralized mechanism enabled by smart contracts. Since then, she has been following the development of Cardano closely.

Now, with NODO, she can finally contribute to the future she was envisioning.


Co-Founder, Cardanodo