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This blog is used to cover new updates, or any important topics regarding the Cardanodo Stakepool and the Cardano Community. Please take some time to connect with your stakepool operator and learn about all the exciting things that are happening.

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A @YoroiWallet dApp connector will allow interactions between users and blockchain-based dApps on the Cardano blockchain.

We are excited for you to read our new blog on our upcoming release and what it means for our users and the Cardano ecosystem!

Earlier today on #Cardano360 we shared an update on #AlonzoWhite progress. TLDR #Alonzo rollout on track! More users & increasing functionality. Lots still to do but team & community working closely together to keep it rolling forward!
Full video:

Looks like there was a short squeeze, forcing short-sellers to buy-to-cover. This is a lot of buying pressure and bullish for #crypto. Glad I’m not a bear! #cryptocurrencies #daytrading

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