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Server Infrastructure

Infrastructure Details

Network Architecture Server Cardano

Three zones make up our server infrastructure

  1. Public – Facing Network
  2. Private Network
  3. Offline

Our 2 relay nodes are located in the Public-Facing Network and directly communicate with the Cardano Network across the world. These relay nodes are only accessible through the SSH protocol that is hardened by 2-factor authentication. The relay nodes also act as an extra firewall and protection for the Block Producing Node.

The block producing node is located on a Private Network  and does not communicate with the public. The block producing node is only acccessible through SSH protocol, 2-factor authentication and a VPN connection.

The offline network consists of an Air-Gapped Machine and a cold-wallet storage. In this way, all of our server keys and transactions are generated offline.

The Monitoring Server is used to provide the operators with 24/7 alerts and monitoring for our servers. This guarantees that we can respond immediately to anything that needs our attention and allows us to provide 24/7 uptime. There are secure firewalls set up between the Monitoring Server and our other servers.


Bare Metal Servers

We are a proud member of the Cardano Bare Metal Alliance. This alliance is formed amongst Cardano Stake Pool Operators who operate using at least one bare metal server. We believe that as a collective, we increase the resiliency of the Cardano blockchain network by being physically spread out all over the globe. This physical spread can offer a deeper level of micro location resiliency for the Cardano blockchain network. Cardanodo currently operates 4 Bare Metal Servers and 3 Virtual AWS Servers.

Bare Metal Cardano Alliance

Cloud Servers

Cardanodo has 3 cloud servers on the AWS network, which helps to improve resiliency of our infrastructure.

amazon aws cardanodo cardano


Grafana Monitoring Cardano Cardanodo

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