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NODO Rewards Program

NODO Tokens

Nodo Token Delegator Rewards

What’s going on?

Cardanodo (NODO Pool) will be rewarding our delegators with 1 NODO per ADA delegated to our stake pool. Our Rewards Program will begin immediately during Epoch 269. NODO tokens will be rewarded after EACH Epoch. For more info on how to delegate and earn NODO Tokens click the button below.

What can I do with NODO tokens?

NODO can be sent from peer to peer, as a token on the Cardano blockchain .

In the near future, we will be exploring the setting up of an NFT marketplace on our website. We will allow NODO to be used to trade for NFT’s on our marketplace.

When will this Rewards Program last?

Currently, we are expecting to continue this program for at least the next 12 epochs (approximately 2 months). After this, we will re-evaluate the program and potentially make adjustments to the amount of NODO tokens rewarded.

Can I purchase NODO Tokens?

Currently, we we are not selling NODO Tokens. The only way to receive NODO Tokens is by delegating to the NODO Pool.

However, we may offer to sell NODO Tokens in the future. So, stay tuned!