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Delegator Rewards

NODO Tokens

Nodo Token Delegator Rewards

What are NODO Tokens?

Cardanodo (NODO Pool) has been rewarding our delegators with 1 NODO Loyalty Token per ADA delegated to our stake pool. NODO is a fun way to encourage and incentive delegators to join our pool. Our Rewards Program begun during Epoch 269. NODO tokens are rewarded after EACH Epoch. For more information on how to delegate to our stake pool to start earning NODO Tokens click the button below.

How many NODO tokens will I receive?

NODO Loyalty Tokens were created out of fun and to reward those who have helped us get to where we are at today.

NODO can also be sent from peer to peer, as a token on the Cardano blockchain. 

In the future, we may also explore how NODO tokens can be used to redeem rewards, such as NFT’s on our website. 

What can I do with NODO tokens?

NODO tokens are rewarded every Epoch (1 NODO per 1 ADA staked) and sent out approximately every month.

When will this Rewards Program last?

Our original aim for this program, was to have it run for approximately 12 Epochs (2 months). That being said, due to popular demand amongst our delegators we are still continuing the program as of now.

Can I purchase NODO Tokens?

We do not sell NODO Tokens. The only way to receive NODO Tokens is by delegating to the NODO Pool.

PIGY Tokens


What are PIGY Tokens?

PIGY Token—which was built on the Cardano crypto-currency blockchain—is currently being distributed by participating Single Pool Operator’s as special rewards to delegators. PIGY Token strengthens the Cardano ecosystem by supporting the delegators to the smaller stake pools that are the backbone of decentralization and integrity.

Cardano is a crypto-currency project that was launched in 2015 in a bid to revise the process through which cryptocurrencies were produced and developed. The big idea, which is beyond just changing the way cryptocurrencies are produced, is to create a better, more conducive ecosystem in the cryptocurrency world through a comprehensive roadmap, a collection of thorough design principles, engineering best practices and avenues for exploration that better account for the needs of its users. There are around 2,600 Stake Pool Operators right now. Over 30% of these operators have never minted a single block, which translates to about 1,000 of them. Cardano Foundation and IOG are currently doing their best to ensure the operators of small pools survive, but they only have a limited amount of resources. We as a community can help these blockless stake pools by giving incentives so the delegators are willing to move around to a smaller pool and keep moving around the pools so that it will help the small pools survive.

How do I participate?

We make it easy for you to participate. All you have to do is delegate to NODO and you will receive PIGY tokens after staying in our stake pool for at least 3 Epochs. You will receive 10,000 PIGY tokens.