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Panda #3

25 ADA

Price: 50 ₳
Attribute: Green
Block: Epoch 275 | 2021-07-01
Collection: Original Collection
Copyright: Copyright Cardanodo 2021. All Rights Reserved.
Creator: Cardanodo |
Panda ID: 3
Type: Uncommon
Blockchain: Cardano
Policy ID: d6c844faacf38e7bfddea47027da12eca7ed8c773d9b3b791ca0751b
Token ID: asset1xxxw4vkqr4ysw6nzerctkzh685h2wmaw83s46f


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Introducing... Cardano’s Panda Original Collection! We have just launched our first NFT Collection on the Cardano blockchain.

Panda #3 belongs to the Panda Original Collection minted on the Cardano blockchain. Specifically, Panda #3 is the Original Green edition of this awesome NFT Collection. We chose Green, as the 3rd NFT as it is the 2nd of the RGB group of colors. The NFT’s in this collection are LIMITED and only 100 of this NFT will ever be minted.

Fun Panda Facts:

  • Pandas love to eat, spending as long as 10-16 hours per day eating, mainly on bamboo
  • Pandas diet must consist of bamboo – they need at least 2 types of bamboo to avoid starvation
  • Pandas are 99% vegetarian
  • Pandas love to do handstands when they pee
  • Pandas love to sleep, which takes up most of their time outside of eating
  • Pandas are curious, playful, cuddly and gentle creatures

Instructions for purchasing:

  1. Select Quantity > Add to Cart
  2. View Cart
  3. Proceed to Checkout
  4. Provide your ADA Wallet Address to receive your NFT(s). This must also be the address that you are sending your ADA from and must be from your own wallet, such as Yoroi, Daedalus or Adalite. DO NOT send from an exchange, as the NFT may be lost and there are no refunds.
  5. Pay with ADA: You will be provided with an Address to send your ADA to after purchasing. Once we receive your ADA, we will process the order (~1-2 business days).


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